Nov 27, 2011

Onondaga Lake Watershed Community Forum this Tuesday!

Please join us for a community conversation about Onondaga Lake!

Speakers will include Onondaga Nation Tadodaho Sidney Hill, Environmental Protection Agency Region 2 Director Judith Enck, Onondaga County Executive Joanne Mahoney, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Region 7 Director Ken Lynch. 

Presentations will be followed by roundtable discussions on topics related to the current cleanup progress and future of Onondaga Lake, such as:
  • projects to reconnect with Onondaga Lake 
  • progress on the cleanup of Onondaga Lake and upland properties
  • green infrastructure and stormwater management 
  • Onondaga Lake Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration process (NRDA) (NRDA is a separate legal process to assess injury and damages to natural resources such as land, air, surface water, groundwater and biota.)
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